Hey check out this old comic. It happens to have a lot to do with today’s.

I’ve been writing about colour and deleting what I’ve been writing about colour for the last two hours. Instead of trying to reiterate some point i was trying to make (i didn’t have one), i’m just going to say that the colours don’t look half bad in that old comic. everything is really bright, but, it works, in a way. my eye doesn’t much mind. i don’t know what happened between then and now. i guess there’s just a lot more for pete to colour these days, and that certainly hasn’t been easy. pete’s been trying to improve the colours in the last little while. he’s become pretty good at it pretty quickly (to no surprise, i might add), but, i don’t know. are we there yet? not quite, i think. i’m glad we didn’t stick with that old stuff, though. i don’t really much care that my eyes don’t mind. it’s just so… hmm