Pete forgot to upload the completed strip, and I forgot to check to see that he uploaded it. I think that breaks us even.

I can’t figure out the dialogue for Panel 1, and I think it has something to do with the limitation (or strength) of our medium. TV has a strange advantage over the comic strip in that a scene is only as long as it is. Let me give you an example, because I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make any sense: if this comic were a bit on a tv show, then “I got kicked out.” would be followed by a cut to a conversation at a bar in Miami (Panel 2). Panel 1, the two lines of dialogues, would only be some amount of seconds long, then we’d get right into Panel 2. No one but the director has control over the pedal, the speed in which the audience is travelling through time. Meanwhile In comic form it seems to go from “I got kicked out.” to two guys standing around waiting for the director to yell cut. Then not having that waiting around cut out in editing. It seems like the first panel must occupy at least some amount of time. I’m not sure how much, but it’s more than these two sentences. It can go over, I think, but not under. I imagine it’s different for everyone, and I might be overly critical, as we often are, but it still feels wrong somehow, despite those two lines being all that needs to be said. So that’s weird.

Edit – Ctrl + F5 for the new comic. How did we do?