If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was a mandate in games these days to make them patently unfun. Skyrim is a great example, but I haven’t played it, and a lot of people found it fun. I guess it’s kind of a subjective thing, but I don’t mean that kind of fun. Ok, it’s still subjective, but I mean like, I guarantee, I absolutely guarantee that at some point some director or producer or something stopped by the desk of a guy creating a dragon and said, “This dragon is too interesting. Its colours are too bright. Its personality is too unique! We’re going to need you to tone this down.” The coder then should have immediately created and equipped the dragon with a leather jacket and shades.

I’m hesitant to suggest a game I have played, Arkham City let’s say, is boring. Not because i feel one way or the other, but because, really, it’s a great game. Can you remember the villains outfits, though? I know, I think, Joker’s guys had clown masks. Like the ones from The Dark Knight. Or maybe it was make up? Two face’s guys had suits that were two different colours? i just played this game.

Hmm, but what was fun. What can I use to contrast this point? I’ll have to get back to you on this one. Maybe let us know of games you thought were fun? We’ll gather again to continue this discussion on Thursday. Until then, dear readers!