Hmm, ok, moving on then, forever.

Pete and I did not make too much of our one year anniversary back in October.  Ways to ring it in were discussed, planned then dismissed.  We decided instead to keep the celebration muted. To mark the occasion we created and attached a rather ostentatious header to our website.  One that is sometimes larger than our comics.  I quite like it.  We created an archive, for those of you just joining us.  We joined Top Web Comics.  We added a contact form, from which we were once contacted by a fellow wanting to buy adspace here, of all things.  Nothing too exciting, I’ll admit, but everything on schedule.  We’re not going anywhere.

Looking forward now, towards what we have to do, and what’s left to do, I’d very much like to get off of Comic Press.  I don’t mean to knock Word Press or Comic Press, they’re both great products, but, man, it’s nothing I’ve taken too.   My hat is off to every person who’s made something beautiful out of this software.  I understand that for the most part this is all supposed to be css, but i’ll be damned if i can get a next and back button to show up anywhere I want it to.  Trust me when I say this place will look a whole lot better if I can make it in notepad.  But then maybe none of you liked the Final Fantasy border I had around this thing to begin with?  Wow, we’ve come a long way since then.  Speaking of coming a long way, check out our stats from January 2010

And here’s us again in January 2011.

Pretty unbelievable, right?  I’m loath to state the obvious here, but a webcomic is nothing without its community.  Without word of mouth, without you guys casting votes for us, without you guys supporting us we’d be, well, nothing.  You guys mean the world to us, and I say this with no exaggeration.  We will hit the conventions one day, and when we do I will personally shake each and every one of your hands.  Or would you prefer a hug?  :3