i suppose it’s on me to grind against this miserable holiday.  valentines day, that is, the most dismal of days.  a day celebrated solely by suckers, who we all hate.  those inconsiderate jerks.  those lovers of love or lust or whatever it is kids are doing these days.  oh and don’t even get me started on how they are buying into yet another corporate, capitalist, businessist holiday.  repent ye believers in things most beautiful.  join with me and dismissively wave a hand fueled by a cold, dead heart.

alternatively, i could instead grind against those grinding against the holiday.  i would say, in my most sarcastic sarcasm, all of our holidays are corporate, capitalist, and businessist!  i would print that on a dozen shirts, and i would proudly wear each of them day after day after day.  perhaps i would even go so far as to lean towards tables occupied by cute couples at the local coffee shop.  or maybe i would just say that i had put in an order in for some shirts with a witty slogan on it, from an obscure company you’d have never heard of who was hand stitching them from the rarest of hemps, and that they would not be ready until i was old or dead.

is grinding against grinding against standing still?

in site related news, you might see our most ostentatious banner disappear some time soon.  i have what i believe to be a rather good idea to return our site to its sixteen bit roots.  in addition to this i’m hoping to create a gallery so that we may all enjoy the inked stylings of our artist.  you guys have really got to see what he can do with a pen and some cardboard.  it’d be nice also to show what our comics look like on a piece of paper, and how all of that comes together.  then links, and then after that maybe a wallpaper or two.  exciting things to come, i hope!