This comic isn’t so much about holding a grudge for twenty or so years, as much as it is about food being delicious when it shouldn’t be. Pete still has a flame of fondness for McNuggets, and, man, I’d be lying if I said anything other than “they were my favourite food growing up.” We didn’t have a McDonalds where I’m from, so when we got to go, that was it, man. What a treat.

But we’re adults now. We know better. We know what’s in them. We know they were stitched together with only the worst parts of what I hope is an actual chicken. And yet, somehow, they’re still fuckin’ delicious. Everytime I eat a hot dog I think “acceptable amount of rat feces.” I’m not even kidding. I think about rat feces every time I eat a hot dog, and I still eat hot dogs. Lips and assholes are the most delicious parts of the animal. Man… What do we even do about that