I’ve not only been playing Path of Exile, but been looking forward to playing it. This of course doesn’t make any sense. I don’t know what I’m getting out of it. It’s not mastery, because there’s not even moves in the game. I guess technically you are casting something, but you don’t even have to cast that thing on an enemy. You don’t even really interact with the enemies. Most of the game is right clicking towards things that aren’t you, moving, and then picking up loot. Sometimes you have to press 1 to activate a flask, and that’s it. That’s the whole game.

Sure, it’s a skinner box, but knowing that doesn’t help. That awareness doesn’t make me enjoy the game any less. Thinking about all of this and exhausting myself is at least kind of bringing my level of happiness to a more acceptable place, but why not just enjoy the skinner box? I am having fun. I can’t quantify that, but I am. Is that so wrong?