I posit that, under ideal circumstances, a man can survive the vacuum of space. Pete posits that no, no, man can not. Neither of us really know, so I smartly suggested that such a thing is probably a thing that will never really be known. A fact doomed to subjectivity. I mean, it seems unlikely that anyone is going to volunteer to step outside a space ship without equipment just to see what’s up. Well, maybe, a deep-sea diver would… It takes a certain kind of person to plunge into the ocean space without any equipment, and they’re it. Obviously. But, even then, even if you got one of those guys to do it, there’d still be a sort of unknowingness to the whole thing. Scientists are still suggesting that those people should be dying, and, yet, they don’t really appear to be paying the scientists much mind. Anyway, sending one of them’d be a lot like sending Wim Hof to figure out whether or not an area is cold. What we need to do is fling an ordinary guy out of an air lock, and then see how that goes. I they won’t let us do that then how about a monkey instead. The only issue there is, how do we get the monkey to hold its breath?

Wim Hof is a mutant. He has mutant powers. I’m not kidding.