One problem we hope to alleviate in no particulate amount of time is the break neck speed at which we publish our comics.  What we’d like to see ourself doing, or rather what we wanted to be doing since about October is releasing a second comic.  For one thing, I find it very difficult to tell any sort of story at the pace we move.  This isn’t the worst thing, but I think we’re running some of these gags stale over the course of a month.  This particular murder narrative is roughly a months worth of strips, and, man, if we didn’t hook you with the first then what’s going to keep you refreshing the week after or the week after that?  At what point does a person just stop?  Another issue arisen from only four comics a month is most of our traffic appearing at the tail end of a month.  With eight comics it may be more attractive for people to swing by in the middle and the end of the month.  Would twice as many comics mean twice as much traffic?  Heh, only if they’re good, right?  I remember something positive was releasing roughly every other month, but he kept the crowds.  As a little bit of an aside, what I worry about is less do we have an audience, and more … are we losing our audience?  I’m slightly neurotic, you see.  Ok, let’s not talk about that.  The regulars we do have our fantastic.  Let’s get to the “hitch” in our double updates.  More traffic, more people coming together more often, more jokes, arcs that are far less likely to grow stale?  Why haven’t we done this already?  It’s simple, really.  If we make a commitment to release a comic every tuesday then we will always release a comic on tuesday.  We haven’t missed a thursday and we will never miss a thursday.  I don’t care if Pete and I become enemies.  I don’t care if one of us dies.  Something is being released.  In blood if I have to.  Geeze, this post is becoming a mess.  Wrapping up!  We’re still sort of working through what we want this comic to be.  We’re still looking for our voice, so to speak.  I’m working on trying to translate my unusual, cynical, depressive outlook on this stupid world into something funny.  Pete is still figuring out the art.  That means figuring out colouring, shading, and backgrounds.  It’s a lot of work.  We love it.  Hey, did you guys like the forest in the last comic?  It is one rad looking evil woods, if i do say so myself, and i do.  There’s so much more to come.  We might not know what we’re doing entirely, and I know I’ve really got to stop saying this, lest people lose confidence in our abilities!, but, man, we have so much entertainment to give.

Ok, let’s talk about this week’s comic.  It took Pete a good solid hour to figure out what to do with the word bubbles in this one.  It’s pretty subtle if you’re not looking for it, and I wasn’t.  It wasn’t until I swung by again the second day that I noticed his bubbles got grey around the second panel.  I think it may be a combination of the colours of his and mine, actually.  He can do a pretty good imitation of my voice, but nothing beats the original.  I’m glad that even in my death he is respectful enough to not make me sound like a retard.

My last aside:  I’d just like to mention that I attribute a large audience to being an objective measure of how entertaining we might be.  I know it’s stupid.  No one has to tell me.  Since the beginning we’ve always had about fifty regular guests, and, man, I don’t care if it’s always just you guys and us.  At the moment there exists no real measurement of how much we are entertaining you, outside of the contact and comment box, which doesn’t get used all too often, so i’m using views to measure the quality of our comics.  Luckily it has really little to do with what we produce! 

Wait, maybe that’s bad.