When I was a kid people told me that I had to do well in school, and that I had to get a degree but they never really explained why. Sure, people said that the money would be better; that maybe the job would be more fullfilling — you could actually do something that you want to do, if such a thing exists; or that you shouldn’t end up like whoever was giving the life advice, but none of those people really got into the details, which is: If you do find yourself stuck working for box stores, because you don’t have much else, because you didn’t get that degree, then you might find yourself in a nightmare of having to do things that don’t make any sense, instead of things that do. you can see the things that make sense, but you’re not allowed anywhere to do those things. that’s what makes it hell. so what you get to do instead is the things that don’t make sense. and, even better, your company in this nightmare will be people who are in charge of you, and who demand that you do the things that don’t make sense. people who instead of facilitating sense making, which would make sense, will instead spend all of their time justifying their own meaningless, obstructive positions.

It’s like eight hours of being in a Twilight Zone episode because while the event itself is something, the other people participating in it, even the people in the entry level positions doing the things that don’t make sense, don’t really seem to mind. Dig a hole for four hours. Fill a hole for four hours. Go home. Do the same thing the next day. Collect a paycheck. What is there to bitch about?