I heard the mission bell, and I thought to myself, this could be heaven or this could be hell.

Maybe it’s Purgatory.  Limbo?  Have you played the game?  If you have an Xbox, and you haven’t, then you absolutely should.  It can’t possibly cost more than twenty dollars.  It’s worth every bloody penny.  If you don’t own an Xbox, then great news!  It will be available in a month.  Set your clocks for April 19th!  Is that a thing clocks can do?  Is anyone even still using clocks?  Moving on!  Well, what can I say about … hell.  This was just something we threw together.  We got the joke down, but didn’t think much of the surroundings.  Leave it vague, I thought. Looking over the finished product I can glean some meaning from it.  Man, can you imagine dying at this age?  (Editor’s note: for the sake of this conversation we’re going to assume that there exists something beyond the pale.)  Here we are, doing everything we can, holding on to what we are, with just a couch and … each other.  Bluh.  On the brightside, I doubt an individual would be afforded that much.  If they really found themselves in eternal damnation, that is.  I imagine things would be much more miserable than chill with these people you like.  If I were to guess, though, I’d say the other fellow is just a manifestation.  It’s been said that you could never share such a space with another individual.  Heaven or hell, that is.  I think it’d be the same for both.  One’s man’s heaven is another man’s hell, that sort of thing.  Are we even sure where we are yet?  What if heaven was just … all your accomplishments?  Great, a few friendships, a few lives made better, and a couch you got a really great deal on.  I wonder what Hell would be then?  It wouldn’t be all of your accomplishments.  That wouldn’t make any sense.  It would have to be everything you could have done.  Hell would be everything and anything.  You could do it all.  If only you would do  … anything!  Oh wait that’s kind of like … fuck!

We promised some guys that we’d link to their website as soon as they made it.  Their inception didn’t quite fall on a thursday, so we’re doing the next best thing by linking it as quickly as possible.  It’s a philosophy webcomic lovingly hand crafted by two funny d00ds.  They also happen to be friends of ours!  It helps.