I don’t think the thing I’m in is or is ever going to be a serious thing, but who knows. It could. It’s always a possibility. There could be consequences to my transcribing the events that occurred as they happened. If the people in charge of the place I live found this jokesite, then they could use what I’ve said against me. Like I do. Anyway, I’d better play it safe, and vague. So let’s say a thing happened. A thing involving, let’s say, a liquid. A liquid that should not have been being delivered to me by a thing that doesn’t normally deliver water. And when I say doesn’t normally I really mean doesn’t ever. I was inconvenienced, to say the least. And, worse yet, it happened to befall upon me on a Tara beta night. I immediately sprang into action. I summoned my wits and guile, thought long and hard, formed a plan, then shuffled my desk a little to the right, so that it would not be rained upon. Problem solved