Or did. In my entire time using the Windows Phone I have found exactly two apps that I liked and used. One was a Microsoft fitness app that counted my steps. I never really actually used the thing, but it was cool that it counted my steps and I did go for walks when I was close to what it had set my goal of steps to be, which is really stupid, but, hey, it worked. About six months ago Microsoft just closed the fucking thing down, because why the fuck not.

The other was Nokia Mix Radio, pictured here, hanging itself. It was a music streaming service, and really great, especially for a Canadian, who can’t use services like Pandora. I guess it was technically not Microsoft, Nokia themself must have sold it when they stopped existing, or maybe Microsoft did. That’s probably not important, but it was a windows phone thing and a great reason to get a windows phone, or was. The japanese company that bought it correctly figured out that they couldn’t make any money through a service that doesn’t have ads, or anything that a person can give money to, so they shut it down. They should have at least set up a patreon.