It is weird that in a webcomic font size is ostensibly at what volume the characters are speaking.  Does it not appear as though our two protagonists are speaking softer than normal?  What an absolutely fascinating development.  Neither Pete nor I had any idea that such a thing needed to be set in stone beforehand.  Lucky for us this isn’t even the first time we’ve tweaked such a thing.  I think our first comics were written in verdana or arial or something.  Anyways, it looks a lot better.

A smaller font is only one of a handful of changes we’ve dumped into this comic.  Pete sketched this one out in a slightly different way.  I think he might have dropped the panels into his sketchbook or he just measured out the space so that the characters are as large, and as detailed as they can be.  He has told me he’s a little unhappy with the inking, but whatever.  The comic looks really great this week.

Oh, and one last thing.  Check out this ridiculously addictive game: