The 3DS guys, for those who don’t know, mostly post the same comics that we do, but in 3D, which makes them look awful, but people read them anyway. More people, mind you, than the people reading the pretty, colourful comics, on our slick, sophisticated, minimalist website. Yes, the 3DS occassionaly releases original content, and, yes, I suppose that original content is supposed to be really good, but, come on, they only do that once, maybe twice a year? And, hey, we’ve got original content too, and we’re reprinting comics from the older devilsbiscuit. Comics you’ve already read and love! Look, we’re not trying to discourage people from reading 3DS. You can if you want to. We’re just saying, maybe only poke your head in there once a year, and give us your views every week. Is that so much to ask?