Does anyone remember the guy who helmed Electric Playground?  How about Reviews on the Run?  Not the, uh, average sized one.  The other guy.  The shorter guy.  The one who was a lot more entertaining and gave better reviews.  Man, the average guy was so bloody disingenuous.  Although, if he really is a gamer, then his lacking a certain appealing personality makes sense.  A charasmatic extrovert gamer seems a little oxymoronic somehow.  Way back when I mean.  We live in different times now.  Talent abounds.  Anyways, the shorter guy is Tommy Tallarico.  He is a video game composer.  One of the indstustry’s most prolific.  In only 21 years he has worked on over 275 games.  Ok, but what’s he been upto lately?  Running Video Games Live.  Something Pete and I saw only a few days ago.  It was as enjoyable as it was fascinating.  Fascinating might not be the best descriptor for live music, and it isn’t.  It was the intermission that really interested me.  Our little group, now a very large group, gamers, all grown up.  All together in one place.  Some with kids.  Some without.  Couples and other couples cosplaying together.  I suppose this sort of thing is happening all over all the time now.  Outside of one comic convention this was my first time partaking in such an experience.  I wouldn’t describe the situation as a happy one.  That’s nothing I subscribe to.  I would say, however, that this was close to that.  It was very nice to see everyone with such common interests sharing some thing they enjoyed so much with one another.  No one has ever cheered as hard for Beethoven as we did for the encore Chrono Trigger Chrono Cross medley.  More on this when we make a comic to suit the event, I suppose.

In other news, I really did sort of accidentally quit my job.  No one tell my mom.  Thanks.

edit – Pete is still really bad at drawing desks.  Hi, Pete!