this is pretty similar to a comic we’ve done before, but i think just because i fucked it up. the core is supposed to be different. what i wanted to do was make a comic about a conversation / conversations that i have with my mom, which is kind of a trick, because i don’t actually want to present anything bad here. i enjoy the conversations i have and am grateful to have them, and would say this even if there wasn’t a possibility that she would read this blog post, but our relationship is a sort of never ending series of misunderstandings / miscommunication.

so the idea for this comic is to present a mom with a device that is supposed to create the situation of, i’d never do shit differently, so i dont need to use this device, and then mom and son would become closer because of that, but instead, she uses the device.

i think that should have been the second panel, with the actual second panel being the first, and then the last panel the same. fuck!