if something doesn’t start happening to me and fast, i fear these blog posts will be the end of me. there will come a day and soon that i find myself forced into taking up ultimate fighting, base jumping and knitting.  what wonderful words i will weave on that day. stories of snapped sinew and cozies for my casts. maybe i shouldn’t be so melodramatic. i don’t live a difficult life. how about a little of what is going on in my life instead. i saw thor a few days ago. it was great. it has been a long long time since i’ve seen casting as good as that. i would put the performance of loki right alongside bogart smiling like a champion in any of those old flicks. mind you, this is nothing i take lightly. i saw fast five just yesterday. it was the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen. it was a whole bunch of dumb driving dumb cars that were towing a big block of dumb through downtown rio de janeiro. my brain struggled then relented, or died. i’m honestly not sure which. there’s nothing one man can do against such a barrage. i can best describe my experience as this: on our way to the climax one guy says he’s down with another guy and i wanted to high five every person in the theatre. it was that good. to summarize: see thor first. enjoy the spectacle. it’s well casted; it’s funny; it’s nice to look at. what more could you ask for? then go see fast five. when the movie ends and your head is hollow you can go home with your bros, play Madden 2012, and finally experience happiness.