‘This’ being Bad Webcomic Bingo:


In one of Something Awful’s many, many forums exists a place for up and coming web comic creators to learn from some very talented people who have been doing this sort of thing for a very long time. Regular posters of that thread happen to be some pretty decent people. To name drop a few, I’ve caught posts by S. Dave Shabet of Dead Winter, Tom Siddell of Gunnerkrig Court, and Amanda Lafrenais of Love Me Nice. To qualify for help one needs only to abide by a handful of rules:

1. You may, and should ask for critique, but if you reply and fit more than three examples on Bad Webcomic Bingo, you should get right the fuck out

Well, fuck, we didn’t even get in the door. Pete’s reaction to this revelatory experience was one of disbelief. He replied to me, “I’m not trying to make something deep. I am trying to provide some levity. I am trying to brighten a person’s day.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Unfortunately, at the time of him saying this, I had no tape recorder, so I kind of am. You can take my word for what I am saying he said is worse than what he said. What he did say he said in a very succinct way. Anyways, we both agreed. We just want to make people laugh. We bro fisted, turned our hats sideways, hit record on the iphone, and shot a drink from the beer bong of life right down our throats. If this makes us terrible people then by god that is what we are. Come with us, Dear Reader, into the rabbit hole.