I should say first and foremost that Pete does a great job defending our comic against nonsense ideas. Unfortunately, he’s attacked far too often to stand any real chance of keeping everything out. It’s why puns occassionally crop up around here. We are both but one man.

So we created a sort of who what and why comic to make sense of last week’s comic. This is nothing I should be admitting, I think, but I felt keeping it to myself would be dishonest somehow. We wouldn’t have made this strip if we didn’t have a joke. We wouldn’t have made it if we didn’t think it was funny. It seems to fit all the criteria necessary for it to be a thing all by itself, and, as a bonus, it sort of makes last week’s comic a bit more understandable. Oh, and we got to do a cool sort of non linear story. I only wish I had thought to make it more noir.