It was a decision on our part to represent a game that at least one of us is currently actually playing. Representing Overwatch, or, fuck, maybe Battleborn, would have obviously been a better thing to do here, but neither of us have played either. We don’t actually know if they’re not fun or that we wouldn’t want to be playing them if we were playing them, despite not playing them.

I guess the thing I’m saying here is that we’re apparently representing integrity really well, but at the cost of the comic. Sort of? It’s not like making comics that could get views is a bad thing — assuming we’re making comics that we want to make and not something specifically for views — and it isn’t like we wouldn’t enjoy playing the current thing — well, not Battleborn. It looks terrible — but, I dunno.

This is such a weird concept to think about it. I’m sure it’s not as complicated as I’m making it out to be. The whole thing should be a kind of neat symbiotic relationship in which we’re consuming things because we want to, and then comics come out of that experience, and then people can relate to those comics, and then those comics get shared, and then everything is great, but instead … we kind of don’t do that.

I can’t actually imagine that a comic based on Warframe is going to mean a lot to many people, but it’s not like what we’re saying here even has anything to do with that game specifically.

So I guess, we feature the game at all? We could have made it arbitrary, or something, instead, so that it could relate to any scenario, but that kind of seems lame too.