originally this comic was to feature vikings. they were to be in high spirits toasting tall glasses of mead. much like what you see on your screen now. in the second panel a third viking was to join the toast with a slurpee. much like what you see on your screen now. yes, it’s a fairly obvious joke, a personification of the alpha male choosing a then ficticious, childish drink, but the idea for this strip was never that joke and the vikings were never necessary.  pete and i only wanted to make a joke about mead. he’s taken to the drink and what’s a semi autobiographical web comic if not semi autobiographical?  this comic might not be side splitting, but it possesses, i think, a small piece of character development, for lack of a better term.  i believe a weak strip can be made better if it’s about more than just the punchline.  sometimes it’s just nice to see our characters existing and interacting with their world. so here’s a comic about one of those characters trying to figure out what to do when he’s the only person in the room who doesn’t drink.

another thing i’d like to point out here is the cool transition of time pete laid down. we didn’t want panel 2 to just be, yeah, hey, check out this slurpee we’ve added to the toast. no, what we wanted was a sort of awkward, slow move in with the cup. does it look like that or do i just think it looks like that because i know we wanted it to look like that?