this week i thought it important to get a word in here if only to remind, or say for the first time, that our tuesday strips are strictly whatever we can come up with.  as opposed to, say, thursday, when we upload whatever we can come up with.  let’s just say then that tuesday is us trying new things.  new things like alternative dialog or a joke we think is more silly than funny or a comic about our friend making a comic about making a comic in place of our making a comic about a comic.  it seems sort of unfortunate to have to force new readers or old readers through something like a sketch or a guest comic or what have you, but so far we haven’t heard any complaints.  when we get the third site up and running i am honestly not sure if this is something we should be seperating or keeping or what.  well, we will worry about that when we have to.  in the mean time we hope you enjoy what we’re doing as much as we enjoy doing it.  until next time, dear reader!