the last panel is supposed to be what pete would draw / create if he were entirely free to do so.  i suggested the panel be blank.  i would say that is a great example of why i’m not an artist.  that and my inability to draw.  i sort of, kind of liked the idea that if the writer were to leave, the comic would collapse.  i don’t actually believe myself to be that important, i just thought it kind of funny.  the comic itself being murdered is, i think, the most logical next level of killing the characters.  we operate on some very black levels here.  actually, that’s not true at all.  i only came up with that just now.  the last panel being black was the original punchline.  at the time, i was working towards our new punchline.  what these comics were is just as interesting to me as what they become.  i’m sure i’ve mentioned it in the past, but these strips are changed considerably before finally being released.  from the white board to a pad of paper to the computer itself.  there’s a lot of places to change poses, dialog, and the comic itself.  it’s the big reason as to why we haven’t definitively started updating on tuesday.  we just don’t have a really solid process down yet.  a year and a half later and we’re still winging it.  albeit winging it much better than before.   anyways, here’s the original comic.  i liked it, so you guys can have it in text form.  it’s like a bonus comic!

panel one – tv breaks.  “at least it can’t get any worse.”
panel two – something else breaks.  “at least it can’t get any worse.”
panel three – the lights go out.  “at least it can’t –”  “if i could find you, i’d kill you.”

i try to run repetition jokes as often as i can.  they’re almost always shot down.  when i can get them through the pitch they still don’t often make it to print.  oh well, what we release is always better than something i created to quietly smile at.  another great example of why a collaborative effort is sometimes beneficial.  i think this comic might illustrate that too.  pete is a ridiculously talented artist, but without a write he’s got no words.

i’m kidding, actually, he could totally do this on his own.