Here we are five hundred comics, five years and eight months later — with not a single deadline missed. What have we learned? Are we any better than when we started?

Well, let’s start with: Pete and I have had conversations over whether or not to remove the “first” button. I’ve even given consideration to making our first comic difficult to find in the archives — For any one who’s thinking of starting their own comic, might we recommend that your first not suggest that every comic after it will be “fucking terrible.” Self deprecating humor, it turns out, requires context.

Anyway, the first button has remained, and so has every comic as they were published. I’m not sure doing that has been for the better, but if devilsbiscuit is about anything it is about making good comics, eventually; one day; probably, and the journey towards that goal.

We’ve hit that, sort of, on the writing side (i won’t speak for the art side) with the dialogue, which is less uncanny than it was. And I did figure out that these comics should have a joke — One would think something like that would be obvious, but it actually took me a few years to clue into the fact, and has taken me this long plus some time to figure out how to do it.

So, arguably, we’re at least a little bit better than when we started, but is this a good comic? It’s kind of hard to say, and no one is more critical than the people making the thing. And, honestly, the more I learn about how to write better dialogue, or what the fuck a joke is, or who i am as a person, the more apparent the flaws become, and the more agonizing it is to be unable to form that knowledge into something really great.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t stop trying. We will get there. One day. Probably.