this was a fun comic to make.  pete did a fantastic job creating the corporate stiff and the controller.  i think we’re going to see more of this guy in the future.  now, yes, this joke has been done, but i thought this might be an interesting / funny spin on it.  i made the controller to looks like the sixty four for a very good reason.  the move equipment and the ps3 logo belies my intention, but keeps the comic current.  the last thing i need are jokes that don’t make any sense.  the sony spokesman spouting that slogan in the second panel is the biggest hint as to what i’m suggesting here.  although, even if you were to figure that out, the whole thing might still be a little bit obfuscated, but whatever.  that part of the joke just isn’t for you.  hey, if we had made the screen detachable and obviously monochromatic, would it then be more obvious then or less?  well, whatever, we had some good times sony.  you will be missed.

despite all this, it was not / is not my intention to piss and moan about any company ripping off any other company.  i am looking quite forward to the homogenization of the big three.  the closer microsoft and sony move towards nintendo the harder it’ll be for them to beat nintendo.  speculation runs rampant that Gears 3 will be released on the PS3.  if the wii u were around then, one could safely bet Gears’d be released for it as well.  so what are our options then?  do we want a media center or a console?  do we want to stream netflix or do we want to play games?  oh, man, but what if the wii u can stream netflix really well too?