Once upon a time, and for many years, Pete had an open door policy. Meaning: his door was open. If any of us wanted to do anything with him, then, if he was there, we could. If he didn’t want to do anything, then his door was locked. It was an elegant solution to the ugly problem that is hanging out with friends. This was especially great because Pete was, and still is the lynchpin of our social circle. If you wanted to be where the action was, then you only had to go to where he was, and his door was always open. So that was pretty sweet. On paper at least. In reality, it never quite came together the way it was supposed to. He worked, and still works odd hours. When any of us got a day off, or get a day off, it’s all too often not at the same time as any one else. So when the group really wanted, or wants, to do something, then we had to / have to summon the monster that is organizing one’s friends. This has never really worked well for me. I happen to be one of the five or six people left on this planet who don’t own a cellphone. I’m less social than a tomb, and about as interested as a corpse in spending fifty dollars a month to receive a handful of text messages. It would be nice, sure, being liked always is, but ten dollars a message is a little, uh, much. And there are other ways to get a hold of a person. Cheaper ways like facebook or twitter or skype. I don’t have those either. This place is as great as any to spout off about the evils of facebook, or whatever, but the truth of the matter is care potato. That is, I don’t care. I don’t care so much my not caring has manifested itself into a potato. I think that’s how that saying goes… Anyway, I do have things. I have a landline, I have email, and I have an atiquated messaging service. What all that amounts to is nobody ever talking to me. Frankly, I think I’m winning.