I wish I could have come up with something better for the last panel. Maybe, like, sitting at a bar, nursing a drink, “I’m in a video game, and it’s a bad one,” but isn’t that sort of explaining the joke? Although, I don’t think this comic is that exactly. So then having the character say, hey, this is the joke would be double bad? I’m not sure what that is then: not so much explaining the joke so much as it is saying, “this is what the joke is supposed to be.” But then, it’s probably not good to have it be vague either, right? If it is, then, is there a joke?

Oh and the website in the process of uh being improved. It’d be hard to argue that it’s at that place right now but hey you can at least share comics now. That’s kind of cool. Anyway, a lot of what’s been improved is / was invisible. The old website had a stylesheet that was just a long list of demanding that things not appear on the webpage. Now things dont appear on the page but in a different way. Progress!