i won’t leave this empty like i did last week, but i will be leaving this empty while i attach a new brace to my face.  be right back

the entire honeymoon thing is a little strange to me.  no, not that part.  we’re all adults here.  we know what is going on in there.  i’d like to not think about it, seeing as my sister is included, but, here we are talking about it anyway.  god damn it.  no, what i find most unusual is that it’s, man, i can’t even really think of a good way to put this.  it’d be like if we all celebrated some wonderful ceremonious occasion that involves tossing a grandmother into a room with a wolverine and no is allowed to talk about the ensuing mauling.  oh we all know grandma is going in there to get mortally wounded by a wolverine, but, hey, don’t be crass.  you don’t have to say that shit out loud.  which isn’t to say i want to discuss with detail — you know what?  no, this is stupid.  i just wanted to say that if it were up to me i would blanket that room in itching powder; i would nail pictures of my family to every empty surface; and i’d throw the bed off the balcony.  am i being immature?  i don’t think i care.  this is my sister we are talking about god damn it.

but i guess it does happen anyways.  man, being an adult is weird.

hey this was a fun topic.  i am going to kill myself now.