Luckily he was really good at being a space cop. Starlord wields two Kree sub machine guns. In the past he also had an elemental gun that fired wind water dirt and fire.

Rocket Racoon is the heart of the team, and not just because he’s furry. Rocket comes from a planet called halfworld where he and many other anthropomorphic animals live. He was a ranger. Rocket is well versed in combat and small arms, though he does have a soft spot for more destructive weapons. Rocket has pulled the team back together several times and is even responsible for the team calling themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Finally there’s Gamorra, the most dangerous woman in the universe. She’s the adopted daughter of Thanos, who she later rebelled against. Gamorra can kill a man a million ways from sunday, and is proficient with all weapons. Her preference is swords. Swords like the Godslayer [I’m assuming she likes that sword a lot].

Ok so, in the alternate past, which is actually earth-616, this group comes together to defeat threats that put the universe in jeopardy. Eventually they have enough of this, but then they find Vance Astro, who’s frozen in some space ice. The heroics of the original Guardians inspires them to keep doing what they’re doing. Rocket suggests they take on the Title of Guardians of The Galaxy and keep doing what they do. So they do.

And then they get a movie deal. Guardians of the Galaxy 2014! Who’s excited?! Guys? Guys..?