Thus concludes yet another action packed adventure. I hope this text’s utter lack of inflection properly conveys an utter lack of cynicism in that sentence. I really do mean what I say sometimes. To put our Lobster-Man into some kind of perspective, not that any one is asking, I can best relate his world to Marvel’s Ultimate series. That is, he’s a super hero in a real world. A caricature of a real world, at least. We have not yet determined if he is a horrible mutant or a caped crusader, but it’s all the same in the end. That is, he would always be wearing a costume regardless. Maybe I can turn this into some sort of outward representation of an internal force. Maybe he’s not wearing a costume at all. Maybe his parents were just really lousy at naming their child. Maybe he was just an ugly baby?

Oh and I hope that second panel works. She’s supposed to be relating the last four or so strips to the officer. I should let the work speak for itself, but I’ll be damned if I’m not a little bit self conscious. Like us, please :O