Instead of saying something, I am going to share something. I sometimes speculate about whether or not individual tracks from a soundtrack can be wonderful independent of the context in which they were played. That isn’t to say some people do not / can not enjoy orchestrated music as much as it is to wonder whether or not a person can tolerate the minute or two it might take to get to the part of a song that is really great. This song I am about to link contains none of the filler bits that all too often show up in movie soundtrack … tracks, and, I think, can therefore be enjoyed entirely on its own merits. The fact that it happened to play during a rather beautiful moment might make it all the more enjoyable for some.

Forbidden Friendship by backalleyblog

John Powell is everywhere in animated movies. If you’ve seen something from Dreamworks SKG, you’ve heard his music.

This next track is from him and Hans Zimmer (if you’ve ever seen a movie, you’ve heard Hans’s music). This song features about one minute and thirty seconds of why I often hesitate to share songs like these. On the other hand, it may be the lull that makes the end of this one so enjoyable. What I am talking about you’ll hear fourty or so seconds in. That is when the music is subdued so the characters on screen can talk. Never the less, it is a great track:

Save Kung Fu by alex227