Hey, you might not have noticed this but Pete and I don’t often engage our work in salty sailor talk. It isn’t that we’re trying to keep this place PG as much as it is just … nothing that comes up all that often. Well, here’s a post I wrote almost immediately after playing From Dust, which, hey, this comic just so happens to be about. In a few words, I do not recommend this game. In more words:

“From playing levels 1 to 8 or so, I can say this much: It is one fuckin’ ugly game. It has absolutely no aesthetic. You’re going to launch it, and say, what the hell am I talking about? Check out this totally beautiful water. The sand looks nice. The islands look nice. Those are polygons. That ain’t aesthetic. Take a look at any intractable plant. What the fuck at their oversized ugly water cacti. What a great way to needlessly clutter the nice landscape they built. Oh, but they’re ugly and ridiculously large so that they’re visible to the player, right? Well good luck spotting the most important plants. The ones that explode. You know, the ones that are necessary to beating levels. Those ones look kind of like bulbous ugly fucking sticks. Visual flair? Not in my pretentious game. Geeze, for those of you who have played it can you remember anything distinguishing or memorable from any of the settlements or totems or anything? Oh, and, really with those fucking masks? Those made it through development? What happened? Did the artist die? Was that his death wish? Leave my ugly fucking masks in the game. *hurk*

In addition to all this it’s stupidly repetitive and it’s utterly broken as well. The goal is to get your stupid little fucking idiots into some ugly fucking gate. To unlock the ugly gate you have to settle whatever amount of totems, usually it’s four. Building paths for your little men to the ugly totems, that’s the point of this game. Except, whoops that hill is too tall. Whoops the AI can’t figure out any other route than a direct one. Whoops the only town bothering to make it to the next one is the only one that can’t reach it. Hey town next to the totem we need to settle would you like to give it a go? No? Well, fuck”

To end this on a positive note, listen to this.