Last week’s comic looks amiss. It got under my skin. so I figured, hey, here’s something to talk about, and now here we are. It’s a kind of weird thing to have mistakes immortalized on the internet. All the horrible arguments, all the horrible decisions. Things I might never get to tell, or tell a once.I’ll talk about another time. It’s nothing Pete did. It’s something I, uh, did. The text is too thick. I doubt many if any noticed, but I did, so here I am talking about it. To make matters worse, my comic factory choose that time to go down and out as well. All my cool sketchish fonts were coming out black, and without detail. Well, I poured over all possible infomration. figure out why photoshop was having such a difficult time rendering type. In addition, all my cool sketchish fonts were totally broken. I thought I had done something wrong! And it turns out I had, but I wasn’t aware of that. Not at the time at least. Better still, I didn’t even mean to turn the silly thing off. I did so by accident.