This seems a simple joke, and it is.  I won’t pretend, dear reader, that there are no hidden complexities existing within a man being toppled by a very heavy gun, because there are.  Er, that is to say, this is within its own simple joke, a complex study of character.  Well, maybe not complex.  It appears also to be an exercise of my ability to not reveal either character’s name.  I am sure you, dear reader, would be quite surprised to learn that these two handsome fellows just so happen to look very much alike the artist and writer.  Why, some might even go as far as to suggest they act quite like us as well.  Whether or not this is the case, we, he and i, would prefer, for the time being, at least, that these characters exist outside of ourselves.  I had read somewhere once that it was never a good idea to write yourself into a story, and an even worse idea to write a friend into a story.  Ok, enough of that, let’s turn our attention towards the characters.  That is what I’m supposed to be doing here, I think.  Guy on the left, or guy on the right’s right, he’s capable.  Let’s not say he’s fit. Let’s instead say he’s capable.  Of what?  Many things.  He and the guy on the right, or guy on the left’s left, are two quite different individuals.  Quite so, one is saying, in this regard.  This guy, the guy on the right, is more of a functional fellow than a pose fellow.  An efficient kind of guy.  A guy who appreciates. among other things, hearing.  A guy who doesn’t much understand his own limitations.  Someone who might try to show off in front of a friend unnecessarily.  A flawed, but earnest individual.  Hey, guess which of these two might be most like me.