I don’t think this was our best Dong Wrangler month, but I don’t think it was our worst either. It at least featured some of our very best art. It’s unfortunate that a lot of the writing wasn’t quite up to snuff, which I partially blame on what appears to be a habit I have of making things serious, especially things that shouldn’t be, as evidenced by a handful of Lobster-man comics, which was something that started and should have continued to be a campy, pun laden super hero vs adam west’s batman villains type of thing, which turned into i don’t even know what i thought i was doing with the Seagal comics, or what’s going on with the now teenage Lobster-man. Apparently it’s not making jokes about nineties comics.

But I don’t mean to focus on the negative. Doing Dong Wrangler the way I did it this month was at least an exercise in trying to have each comic stand entirely on its own. Calvin and Hobbes often told long form stories, but because of their appearing in a newspaper, Watterson always had to make sure the reader knew exactly what was going on, in case that reader had missed yesterday’s paper. devilsbiscuit obv exists on the web, so a reader could hit back if they wanted to know what was going on, but I think it’s a way past better something to have each comic stand on its own, especially our comics.

So despite there actually being a narrative told through out this month’s strips — another thing I wanted to try: To take down Dick Strangler, who’s become a major villain in , Dong needs a partner -> Dong gets a partner -> Dong and Penis interrogate a captured crony of Dick’s for information they can use against Dick -> They then use that information to disrupt Dick’s operations -> Dick can no longer ignore Dong -> Dick sends Dong a grim message -> Dong and Dick fight to the death -> End — each comic should be able to stand on their own, and, hopefully, each of these should have their own joke, or at least not be terrible, but that’s probably setting the bar too low.

With all of that at least attempted this year I’m hoping next year to focus on making the comics “fun,” but then I’m not really a “fun” person — it’s a buzzword at best. but then, I’m not really sure in what direction to take these comics. Is it supposed to be nothing but innuendo? It seems unlikely that that would remain interesting for more than two or three strips. We could do the over the top action to the point of parody, but that’s so overdone that it’s most recently been done by Electronic Arts for their newest Madden. I guess it could be serious action — fuck