My wow career was basically roll a character; play it to level 20; get upset about the way that character’s skin tone looks in a certain light; delete that character; go back to start. and that was back when getting a character to 20 took no small effort.

I spent my first week in Final Fantasy 14 pouring a lot of hours into a character that I may have been the most happiest about designing. Then, on day eight, I noticed that if the camera were positioned in just such a way, my character did indeed have a few small flaws. Of course I had to fix them, which cost ten minutes of trying to get into the stupid game — which is plagued with connectivity issues; then an hour or two trying to decide between two different hair colours, and too many skin tones; then another hour in between trying to get back into the game and trying to find a server that would accept new characters — to ease the connectivity issues, and help servers fight congestion, square enix disallowed new characters to be rolled on pretty much every server; then twenty minutes of watching the opening cut scene; then, when finally in the game, i’d spend another hour fretting that maybe my character could be slightly less pale, or have slightly darker hair; then deleting that character; then going back to start.