Please allow us this brief interlude while Pete remasters his craft.  We will be, hopefully, from this point on, doing the bulk of our comic making on proper paper with coloured pencils and expensive pens and other artisty stuff.  Up until now we had been, or rather, he had been drawing these comics in pen, scanning them into photoshop, then painstakingly redrawing the entire thing.  You can see wherein that process we may have been producing an erroneous step.  I don’t really know.  Maybe this is how everyone does it?  Well, anyways, this method has, over a period of time, created a very clean, but time consuming comic.  One that we are proud of, and one that we put all of our effort into, but, alas, if we are ever to upload twice a week or three times a week or however many times a week we will need to get a better handle on how much time it requires us to produce such a thing.  I am not quite sure what our future holds, style-wise, but I believe it will be nothing short of spectacular.  One of these days I will get around to uploading some of Pete’s original sketches.  You guys should see them!  They’re really great.  Personally I am a big fan of KCG’s excellently grungy, for lack of a better word, hand drawn style, granted it’s mostly a strange, lucid, greyish watercolour now; Beaton’s admirable “penned” hand drawn style; and Yuko’s graceful mastery of form, which also happens to appear hand drawn.  Oh man, and her use of halftone patters…  *swoon*   Oh, er, so for next week we’ll work twice as hard to make a comic twice as funny to make up for this.  If that joke falls flat then we’ll work three times as hard the week after that!  And so on, and so on.