Pete’s fielding this one. He left me some ideas in an email for what to put here, and I have taken some … liberties with it.

So Matt tells me jokes about airplanes aren’t funny. He’s been right about a lot of things so I listen intently to what ever criticism he has for me. It’s crucial for us to listen to each other and provide feedback. It helps to improve our work. I guess some jokes are wrong to make, but it still worked as a starting point for a potential comic this week.

and now, a rebuttal from me.

I can’t even begin to imagine what I might have been right about. So far my suggestions have mostly been: “We should give up.” Every week when we fail to come up with something really great I immediately suggest we just call this whole living thing quits. Clearly we weren’t cut out for it. If it weren’t for Pete, this comic would be absolutely dismal. And I’d be dead.

The conversation we had following this post:
me – “mostly i just edited it to to have you say im write about everything”