Behold!  A brave new comic for a brave new year of, uh, brave comic … making?  This brave comic in particular is the first of many that will be featuring classic white space gutters, and braveness.  I read a piece in a book not too long ago about black being too imposing a colour to have surrounding a comic.  I believe it was Kris Straub who described such a thing as making a comic appear negative.  Is this true?  I thought it fit rather nicely in the old FF6 menu.  Does this then mean that these new white spaced comics will be whatever the antonym of imposing is?  Do white gutters really make a comic look more inviting? 

In other news, this weeks comic features another look behind our glass.  We started this comic as a comic of two guys trying to make a comic.  At the time, we thought it a clever idea.  Shortly after that, perhaps seconds, we discovered, low and behold, that this had already been done.  Kris Straub, in fact, started his comic career with just such an idea.   We did our best to move away from it, the idea that is.  We have since arrived at the murky shores of an inbetween.  What we are now, I think, is a sort of semi auto bio.  The inbetween is that in auto bio-ing the artist and myself we sometimes capture that we spend most of our time discussing making or the making of a web comic.  So now, I suppose, we are a semi auto bio comic about two guys trying to make a comic.  Soon we hope to also make video game jokes somehow.  But how could we not discuss making a webcomic!  It fascinates our every fibrous sinew!  Webcomics are learning to craft a joke in just three panels.  Webcomics are positioning the word balloons, and the characters around them.  In positioning those word balloons correctly we allow the comic to flow, to tell its story without effort.  In positioning them incorrectly we can obscure the art or accidentally destroy an otherwise great joke.   It’s about the space inbetween and around the comic.  It’s about sequential art, and it is astounding.  It is something that will take years upon years to master even the tiniest fragment of.  It is something that we strive to one day conquer.