It wasn’t until after I had seen Inception that I was told Cobb only wears his wedding ring in the dream, or, was it … out of the dream.  I cannot say for sure whether or not this is true.  I spent damn near my entire, very recent, second viewing looking at or looking for Leo’s hands.  He is a god damn hand magician.  Ok, I did catch the ring, silver, not round, sure, but, I only saw that hand three, maybe four times at the most.  It’s like the movie was made by a an artist who couldn’t draw or hated hands so much that he had to obscure them with a lamp, a train and or a wife. Here’s one I did not catch until I was listening to the soundtrack, which is kind of a weird place to catch something come to think of it.  Fischer’s randomly selected numbers are rather subtly slipped into his subconscious a number of times in the second dream.  528-491 is that “six digit phone number” and room 528 is directly above room 491.  I really need to see this a third time, apparently.

Nolan’s next movie will be the third Batman, and, man, does he ever have a difficult road ahead of him.  As for villain speculation, well, he has said he would like to avoid using any of the “known” villains.  He would prefer instead to tap the lesser known rogues.  Rha’s Al Ghoul, for instance, and, uh … The Joker.  Er, his words, not mine.  That statement had me thinking, wouldn’t it be interesting if Inception was a Merry Melody of sorts?  That is, Disney and his team of animators created the Merry Melodies as a way to hone their craft while they were making Snow White on the side.  From what I can remember of some long ago watched documentary they were experimenting with lighting, perspective, and the general ways in which animation was created.  Which is to say, a mind bending Batman flick would be an excellent way to go.  Granted, The Prestige had very little to do with The Dark Knight.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  The Prestige had a lot to do with duality…  Anyways, Mad Hatter for Batman 3.  Maybe Spellbinder if they can’t get away with that.  Did The Chemist remind anyone else of Batman Beyond’s Spellbinder?  Wouldn’t that be sweet?  The whole hat gimmick is a little bit ridiculous.  Are there any other Batman rogues who can alter reality?

Oh, I should also mention that it wasn’t until just a few days ago that “the artist” finally saw this.  If you, our loyal and beloved readers, haven’t seen this yet then SHAME ON YOU.