Or rather, Happy Belated Thanksgiving from all of us, all two of us, here at Devilisbiscuit.  We hope you had the happiest and, uh, most thankful of givings on that day.

Oh, and don’t mind the banner.  We’re working on that.  It’s awfully big right now, and doesn’t contain the navigation that it should.  Hell, I can’t even figure out how to get it to be a link.  Oh and the text is still there, but I made it invisible through the power of CSS.  Except, if you’re running an older browser it probably looks awful.  But then, why are you running an older browser?  Well, hopefully, I can get it to link properly, maybe shrink it a little bit so it isn’t quite as ostentatious, and, i think, maybe i should scale the “grunge” back a little bit.  I’d also like for the splatter to be going away from the explosion instead of just doing it’s own thing.  I should probably have the erase marks uniform instead of treating each object like it is its own thing.  Ordinarily this should be really simple.  Creating a nice little graphic and a menu, but, no, it’s always a fight with Comicpress.  It’s wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but it’s already … something.  I tried to add a creative commons license, and a way to vote for us over at Top Web Comic, but, no, Comicpress wasn’t having any of that.  Bah!