Inspired by true events

In the interest of discussing creating comics, I’ve been having a conversation about this comic. I think the panels may be a little too disconnected. I tried putting text / special effect speech, or whatever it’s called, into panel 2 to indicate some sort of transition. Despite some effort I couldn’t quite figure out what a fist punching through the earth is supposed to sound like, or at least what single describes the sound. I settled on crunch anyway, but the black text on the already pretty dark background didn’t look very good, and crunch is actually a pretty lousy descriptor of “rising from the dead.”

So then instead of using crunch, I figured a little caption that read suddenly would be a good way to connect the panels, but that actually broke the comic:

…the suddenly fucks things up by drawing the reader’s attention to how time is not moving at the same speed in between panel 1 and panel 2 and in between panel 2 and 3. the gutter, the space between panels, in between panel 1 and 2 obv spans seconds, panel 2 happens “suddenly”. the gutter in between panel 2 and 3 can not span only seconds, because it would at least take the zombie that amount of time to get out of the ground, unless the arm was immediately recognized, i guess?

i think this comic instead should have had an ex or the exes break through a window

panel 1: at least it can’t get any worse
panel 2: someone breaks through a wall or window or door. our characters react to that happening
panel 3: oh no, my ex girlfriends!

comics, man. geeze