Despite being totally aware that Back to the Future 2 is a good movie I did have a lot of hesitation in seeing it again. I remembered it about as fondly as one does seeing a horror movie at too young an age, and that unease has stuck with me.

So, ok, what in Back to the Future can give someone unease? Marty’s future house. Something about everything in that house makes me uncomfortable. They did a decent job with some of the future ideas like big screen tvs and voice automated systems, but they didn’t bother figuring out how furniture or design would be different, and so filled the set with whatever they had on hand: an ugly carpet with some unknowably uncomfortable fabric. Couches that not only looked like they would be terrible to be touched by skin, but uncomfortable to even sit on. They look like they’re melting. Wood paneling doesnt seem like it should be a bad thing, we do alright things with wood these days, but back then they apparently only had one kind of wood and one kind of veneer, but then counter intuitively thought, hey, why not staple this shit onto everything. And the worst thing, the absolute worst thing is the clutter. There’s recessed spaces and cabinets and dressers all filled and covered with shit. I don’t remember what we were doing with technology back then but apparently despite it not really existing we still somehow needed eight hundred devices with nine hundred cords to run anything.

edit – and the fucking automated fruit basket in the kitchen! remember fruit baskets?! that was not a good invention. why not just put fruit somewhere that’s accessible