That second panel was absolutely exhausting to make. Try as we might, we just couldn’t get both sets of dialogue to fit next to each other, nor could we get the dialogue to fit in the panel, nor could we get the lengthy dialogue into the same bubble (without the bubble looking hideous), nor could we get the dialogue even near one another (since the last line (the dense line) had to go underneath the incompetence line). We spent all of last night and a few hours this morning fighting against it and it only look as good as it does up there. Over here is as good as we could get it to look last night. The bubbles are better there, sure, but there’s no cohesion between our two singers. This is supposed to be a nice little nod towards Mr. Watterson, but, alas, that second panel… Oh well. We tried at least! It’s my fault, really. Panel 2 did not / does not work because I refused to allow the last line (incompetence | dense) to be split up. In the interest of aesthetics I should have let it go. I normally love aesthetics. I think my adamant refusal stems from the assault against the first panel’s dialogue. It shares panel two’s story: Nothing fit. Pete does what he does best and made it work. Sure the meter was wrecked, but the songs still there and we updated on time! Oh, and I guess, the strip did turn out pretty well. We hope you enjoy it as well. Please don’t let this blog post distract from its quality, heh

Oh, and, for the record, I was right about WoW’s next expansion being Mists of Pandaria. Pete did not dismiss the possibility as much as he thought Mists would be a new comic line or book or something more along those lines. Whatever, I’ll take it.