I’m in your base I’m posting your comics

Matt’s PC has taken a turn for the worse, it no longer functions.

So here I am posting everything I can, hanging on to what I am, Pretending I’m a Superman!

We’re switching to an all Lobster comic format. All Lobsters all the time. Matt is going redo the entire website up in nautical theme, what with boats and hoes and fishermans and such. he is vibrating with excitement over the matter. He just keeps going on and on about how many great ideas he has and how spectacular its going to be when he finishes it all. There might even be a Links page, that would be a page where you could click on links to some of our favourite comics.

As an artist I too am excited for the changes this will bring. The vast emptiness that is the Ocean will provide a myriad of backdrops for Crusadin’ Crustacean Escapades. Imagine coral reefs, forests of kelp and seething Volcanoes! There would be critters too of all shapes and sizes, whoppin whales, short shrimp and mighty Marlins. Maybe even a Wtf-tipus