Excel Spreadsheets, Dear Readers, here before you exists the thrilling conclusion to another exciting tale of Lobster-Man!  The most delicious of all caped crustaceous crusaders!  A buttered beater of bad!  A thrilling teacher of takedowns!  A hard boiled back breaking bad brother bursting brains breathlessly?!  Until next time, Dear Readers!

Is it next time already?  Last month we managed to move ourselves into about 800th place on Top Web Comics’s Top Web Comic List!  No small feat, I might add, considerin’ TWC currently holds about 8000 plus webcomics.  This month we have been holdin’ rather steady at about 500-600th place.  Somethin’ we couldn’t do it without you guys.  Seriously, they only let us vote once a day.  Whoever you might be please allow this humble webcomic to extend the courtesy of thanking you all for readin’.  We certainly do appreciate everything you guys do for us.