I remember what a big deal the super nes was, and I’m pretty sure I was only in single digits, age-wise, at the time. I can even remember selling my super nes, and what a big deal it was to part with it.

Then came the PSX. I didn’t want it so much as I had to have it. I asked for it for every birthday and Christmas. I told my Mom that she’d never have to buy another present again, if I could just have the thing. I can even remember the weird PlayStation underground demo that came with it. There were cheat codes hiddem behind some of the tiles, and it even had videos. Videos!

The PlayStation 2 I remember a lot less, despite it’s incredible library, and that I enjoyed so many DVDs on it. I don’t remember whether I bought it for myself, or if it was a gift, or even what the box looked like. I don’t even remember the first thing I played for it — Donkey Kong Country for the SNES, and Battle Arena Toshinden 3 for the PSX.

The PlayStation 3 I didn’t buy until the end of the console cycle. What I remember of it is paying about one hundred more for it than I should have, and that I only played one thing on it, which I didn’t even really enjoy. I actually considered justifying my purchase of it with PlayStation one titles, like Breath of Fire IV.

The PlayStation 4 looks cool, I like the new controller, and it got me swept up in the excitement of there being a new generation of consoles, which was actually a little bit nice. Maybe even a little bit nostalgic. I haven’t read too many video game articles / paid much attention to that sort of thing since the fall of EGM. But i’m older now, and a little bit wiser, and video games are a little bit worse. My 360 is collecting dust, and the PS3 has three things, maybe five, that I want to play, and the PS3’s been out for, what, seven years now?

PC gaming is where it’s at now, but only in that the PC has dota, and soon it’ll have Wildstar and new character models for World of Warcraft. It’s not a lot to look forward to, but there hasn’t been a lot to — Wait, what’s that? Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15? Where do I even begin on how excited I have become.