The Muppets is one of this year’s best movies. If you haven’t seen it already, then what stopped you and why did you allow yourself to be? If you don’t plan on seeing it, then what is wrong with you? Now, this ain’t spoilers, to some degree, but you should probably avoid the next sentence until you’ve seen the movie, an’ are able to come to your own conclusions. Ok, was it just me or did Jason Segal just write his OC into the Muppet Universe? I had no idea this was a thing people could do. We’ve got to get ourselves into the Nintendo universe.

On the subject of names: The first snag Pete and I stumbled upon came very early in production. It actually came before production, I think. I’ve said in the past that our comic was initially meant to be two d00ds struggling to make a web comic. The idea to become semi autobiographical came shortly after. After the characters had been established by the first idea, I guess. We figured out pretty quickly that the former idea was, let’s just say, cliché. I wonder now why then we didn’t just do something different, but I’ll bet Pete likes the idea of the comic starring ourselves. Ok, well, that’s all fine and good, but he doesn’t want use to our names. Or rather he doesn’t want to use his name. He wants a pseudonym. This doesn’t make any sense to me. The characters aren’t any one else, so they can’t be anyone else. This has been made most daunting in my department. One of the cardinal rules of writing is to not write your friends. Not that I’m complaining. I am, unfortunately, a rather lazy individual, and I must say that I have in the past taken advantage of this. That is I’ve used Pete being Pete to have him write his own dialogue or spruce the dialogue up or whatever could make my life more convenient. I don’t think I’m alone on this in a different, but same-ish way. I’m sure drawing us is a lot easier than inventing totally new characters. Which, hey, you might get to see sometime soon. Or rather, you are going to see soon. But I can only speak for myself. Anyway, Pete wants to not be Pete but draw Pete and my brain’s wiring absolutely refuses to let this be a reality. So here we are two and some months later. Our characters still don’t have names. This will change soon I’m sure. It almost has to. He’s still holding out, though. Well, who knows what’ll happen. I really don’t think a pseudonym is that big a deal, but I do worry. I worry that if we do something stupid now we’ll be paying for it a few years from now. I probably just need to cut this out. Be a little softer. Less tightly wound, as it were. After all, the future’s not ours to see, right?