Let’s run through this one.  What I wanted was a declaration followed by weakness capped with fainting.  What Pete came up with was, well, what you see in front of you.  He drew something completely different.  Despite this, there does appear to be what looks like fainting in the last panel.  None of this is entirely remarkable, or rather it is entirely remarkable.  The last panel is where I think it gets interesting.  Pete had instead drawn a proclamation being wildly shouted  for two panels, something which is quite in the spirit of the character, followed by or maybe capped by a very simple slump.  A sad and pathetic slump, yes, but, still, a simple slump none the less.  I protested!  Meekly.  I never use exclamation marks in real life.  A forward fake faint would be a great cap for this strip i said, and it was a great way to get him onto the right side of the panel, so the other character could be the first to talk.  Sidenote:  In comics the first character to talk is nearly always on the left.  Well, ok, are you still with me?  Becuase this, right here, is where it gets interesting, for real this time.  Fainting does not translate well into a comic.  Not at all well.  I had told him ahead of time how I wanted this to look, but he knew immediately how it had to look.  I’m not sure if it was anything he recognized consciously, but it was something he took notice of.  I suspect he knew as well that diminishing strength would barely be of any notice in something only four hundred pixels tall.  Olle korrect, that’s all I have to say about that.

In other news our traffic appears to have nomalized after what was a very exciting November.  We beat our best month by more than double.  A lot must be said for the people who support this comic, and a lot will be said.  Maybe not here in the blog post, though.  I’m not one for sentiment.  It always feels, at least to me, a little hollow when I thank you, dear reader, for the votes and the facebook links and the word of mouth and the whatever else.  I mean it with the utmost sincerity, of course, but it still feels a little like I’m acting the part of a used car salesman, or something of that or to that effect.  Well, maybe in a few years time we’ll make it on word of mouth alone.

Or we could take it to the max.

Whatever that means.

Edit – It means vote for us! :D

Edit Edit – Woah, a smiley replaced my emoticon.  I hate it when that happens.